Sedicii | Rob Leslie speaks at inaugural South East Crypto-Coast Meetup
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Rob Leslie speaks at inaugural South East Crypto-Coast Meetup

Rob Leslie speaks at inaugural South East Crypto-Coast Meetup

LINK: South East Crypto-Coast Meetup

“Rob provided an insightful presentation on a digital identify network and how his company are using zero-knowledge proof to verify people’s identity on that network.”

Justin Kearns, South East Crypto Coast, Founder

Rob Leslie gave insight into the future of digital identity and how Tokens may be the answer. Proving ‘true identity’, that we are who we say we are, when we transact online is becoming progressively more difficult.  As consumers, we need to prove who we are multiple times in multiple places on a daily basis.  As businesses we need to know who we are dealing with or suffer the potential consequences. Fixing this problem is what the Kriptan Identity Network is all about in order to create friction free economic activity in the digital world. Highlighting the difficulty of placing sensitive information in the public domain, Rob makes particular reference to the dangers of placing such information on public blockchains. He outlines the value to consumers, organisations and governments of having a worldwide mechanism of verifying identities. Explaining how a regulated digital assets or utility tokens can supply the answer to many of the current challenges, he outlines the potential for economies across the scale, reducing KYC costs for business and rewarding consumers for their participation and cooperation in what he referred to as the Personal Information Economy.  Using innovative applications of Zero Knowledge Proof technology in real time is the key to the Sedicii technology behind the Kriptan Identity Network.