FCA Digital Sandbox Pilot

Sedicii join FCA pilot with innovative AML solution: PREXA

Sedicii are delighted to partake in the FCA and City of London’s digital sandbox pilot. Our solution “Prexa” is focused on Anti-Money Laundering. It allows financial institutions to securely share knowledge about clients or transactions without disclosing any underlying data or information.


Collaboration is needed to fight financial crime

Prexa is a cutting edge Anti-Money Laundering solution that allows financial institutions to securely share knowledge they have about clients or transactions, without disclosing the underlying data or information (PII).

Enables two or more parties to jointly compute a risk score, without sharing or exposing the party's inputs.

Applicable to one bank with multiple jurisdictions or a network of banks.

Privacy and confidentiality is fully preserved using utilizing proprietary Zero Knowledge proof and Secure Multi-party computation.