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16th July - Sedicii is excited to have been announced as the Winner of the BBVA Open Talent RegTech Awards 2018. Sedicii founded in 2013 has seen accelerated recognition and interest in its Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology over the past 12 months.

BBVA seeks new ways of taking on the future challenges facing the financial sector. They reward initiatives with ideas to revolutionise cybersecurity and the way people and companies manage their data and their money and to discover the fintech solutions with the most disruptive potential in the financial services industry. As winners of the BBVA Open Talent RegTech Awards 2018 Sedicii is invited to take part in the BBVA Open Summit 2018 where, as announced previously Sedicii will compete to win two further BBVA Open Talent Categories.

CEO / Founder Rob Leslie is a recognised World Economic Forum Pioneer with a proven track record in start-ups. Speaking after the announcement Rob acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the vibrant Sedicii team. “We are going from strength to strength and are actively working towards expansion. From 100s of nominees Sedicii being selected as a finalist in two categories is a wonderful endorsement of our offering and our team.”

For more detail: check out https://opentalent.bbva.com/en/


18 Oct Sedicii CTO speaks at Paris Techmeet

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Miguel de Vega Rodrigo presents the Kriptan Identity Network in Paris this week and describes this new global standard for trusted identities. Sedicii's unique combination of biometric-based authentications...


03 Oct Securing the Future Identity Ecosystem... Sedicii at 'Emerge ICO Summit 2018'

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The 'Emerge ICO Summit' takes place on October 9th in Austin, Texas. Rob Leslie will present Sedicii's World Economic Forum award winning technology and his vision for the future of the identity ecosystem. In a nutshell, the Kriptan Identity Network has been designed to provide a trusted, high assurance, privacy-preserving network for digital transactions, on a global scale. Beneath...


17 Sep Why airport queues could soon be a thing of the past

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While the biometric or e-passport is better than its predecessors, it is still not the perfect solution. We cannot lose sight of the customer experience in the rush to deploy the latest technology because of its touted gains in efficiency or the increased return on investment. The customer experience must be better than what exists now.





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