18 Jun The Urgent Need to Secure Digital Identities

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Sedicii: Securing Digital Identities And Authentication Processes

Mirror Review, named Rob Leslie, Sedicii Founder and CEO among the "The 20 Best Performing CEOs To Watch Out For In 2019" earlier in the year. A recent interview highlights the urgent need to secure digital identities and authentication processes. The proof of identity (POI)—then and now has witnessed a drastic transformation from paper-based documents to digital versions. In the past, a wallet comprising your POI could be stolen from a crowded metro station while today, digital identities are stolen in the name of privacy and authentication. You have probably gone through a scenario when a third party app asks for your permission to access contacts, personal email ID, and other information to sign up and authenticate with it. In such cases, these third-party platforms rely on user’s personal information for identity verification and authentication. Unfortunately, if these platforms are breached by cyber-attacks, then the million or billions of personal user data can be exposed and used for illicit activities....follow link to Mirror Review article


Rob Leslie Sedicii Securing Identities and authentication processes

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