13 Nov 2020 - Influential Business Leader Views

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Rob Leslie, one of the top influential business leaders of this year, is Founder and CEO of Sedicii.

Sedicii is a highly awarded company and its mission is to create the technology to power a federated, global identity verification network while protecting privacy at the same time. Sedicii’s goal will be achieved through the use of advanced verification technology known as ZKP (zero knowledge proof) whilst working in collaboration with trusted identity providers such as governments, banks, telco’s and utilities.

The stepping stone of Sedicii:

Growing up in Waterford, Ireland Rob was fascinated with building and dismantling things -trying to put them back together again and sometimes failing. He knew from an early age, he wanted to be an engineer. Rob feels that, even today, in his quest to build a federated global network that is sensitive to privacy, Sedicii is building and hopefully “fixing” the one major problem with the internet, which is the lack of an identity layer in order to provide trust.

Sedicii was established in 2013 after Rob found himself the victim of an online fraud incident involving the purchase of a camera. “I sought restitution, failed and realised that the internet had a major accountability problem”. Rob was then working at his previous start up company Kyckr. He quickly realised the challenges of cybercrime-related misrepresentation are growing and during his search for a solution became aware of research at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) on ZKP. Sedicii subsequently patented the Zero Knowledge Proof protocol and Rob left Kyckr to concentrate full-time on Sedicii in 2016.

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