19 Mar 2021 - Innovative Business Leaders Making a Difference, 2021

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Innovative Business Leaders Making a Difference, 2021

Being a successful business leader takes a lot of self-discipline, determination, and hard work. One needs patience, perseverance, and persistence to be a good business leader. To be an effective leader one needs to have vision and goal-oriented approach to make a difference in the industry. Rob Leslie is one such visionary and goal-oriented business leader. He is the CEO and Founder of Sedicii. Rob Leslie’s vision for Sedicii is to make technology a safer, more efficient, and risk-free place for everyone who uses the internet. In tandem, through the global federated identity platform businesses can be more cost effective, respected and trusted using Sedicii’s services. Rob did not set out to be a serial entrepreneur or an innovator – it happened organically for him.

As a child growing-up Rob wanted to be an engineer or a pilot. He chose the former route and graduated as an Electronic Engineer in the early 1980s from Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland. Following graduation, he moved to Japan where he worked for 20 years, firstly with established Japanese companies and subsequently became part of the initial management team to launch Dell into the Japanese market and as part of the team grew the business in its first four years from zero to 300 employees and a turnover of $300m.

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