"Sedicii's technology enables you to protect your customer's digital identity by ensuring that it is never shared without their express consent"
The Kriptan Identity Network

Sedicii has built a solution that enables a citizen to verify one or several aspects of their identity against one or several identity providers ( IdPs). IdPs can be either authoritative or corroborative.

KYC – customer on-boarding for businesses and individuals

Sedicii has developed a solution, KYCexpert, which enables organisations to onboard corporate and individual clients in a simple, easy to use cloud based solution.

PREXA - Financial Crime Prevention (Anti-Money Laundering)

Current estimates put the volume of illicit, criminally originated money being laundered in the global financial system at $2.8T. Currently only 1% of this is identified and intercepted.

ZKP Authentication

The Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) authentication protocol is used in cryptography systems to allow a party to prove that he/she knows something (i.e. a credential), without having to transmit this credential. There are two parties involved in ZKP; the prover A and the verifier B. ZKP allows a prover A to show that they have the credential (for example, passport details or a password), without having to give B the exact details of the credential.


Sedicii has won multiple industry awards for its Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, most notably its recognition from The World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer
Sedicii is developing advanced cryptography that provides a single platform which enables organisations to benefit from world class solutions to deliver

User Authentication

Privacy preserving, identity verification, management and remediation in real-time

Biometric based Know-Your-Customer (KYC) on-boarding checks for organisations and individuals

Financial crime prevention solutions for AML transaction monitoring

Zero knowledge proof (ZKP)
technology enables two parties to prove to one another that they have the same information without exposing or exchanging it.
Multi party computation (MPC)
technology enables two or more parties to jointly compute the result of a function or algorithm that consumes inputs from the different parties without requiring any party to reveal its inputs to the other parties.


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