The only solution providing KYC and KYB coverage globally
Cloud based

Sedicii has developed a solution, KYCexpert, which enables organisations to onboard corporate and individual clients in a simple, easy to use cloud based solution.

KYC & KYB process

In the world of regulated digital services there is a requirement for a person to prove their identity and for the ultimate beneficial owner of an organisation to be identified through a formal 'Know Your Customer' and 'Know Your Business' or KYC / KYB process.

Traditional way

Traditionally, KYC and KYB was a manual cumbersome task but KYCexpert provides a friction-less approach to on-boarding new businesses and clients using our groundbreaking technology and streamlined approach to ensure that the same level of detail is provided but with greater efficiency and with a higher level of assurance.

KYCexpert is a world class service for KYC & KYB customer on-boarding including:
Beneficial ownership identification
Document capture
Identity verification and proofing
State-of-the-art background checking
Sedicii’s verification API integration

The first step is to identify an entity’s beneficial owners. This will be achieved through the compilation of data and information relating to the entity following a search from various databases.

Following the identification of the beneficial owners, the next step will be to contact each beneficial owner to facilitate live verification which is conducted in front of a webcam.

The user is asked to display their ID document in front of the camera. By default, Sedicii supports any or all of the following documents; an ID card, Driving Licence or Passport as accepted in the issuing jurisdiction. This can be further customised on request.

Next, our machine learning algorithms are used to confirm the identity via artificial and human intelligence.

Finally, an in-depth background check is conducted to ensure the user is not an individual that is ‘at risk’.

Sedicii’s enhanced technology detects liveness, photo-shopped images, false video streams and relative placement of features to ensure that the person whose document has been submitted is physically present. We ensure that during live verification a cropped image or cropped video fails verification.