The only solution providing KYC and KYB coverage globally
Cloud based

Sedicii has developed a solution, KYCexpert, which enables organisations to onboard corporate and individual clients in a simple, easy to use cloud based solution.

KYC & KYB process

In the world of regulated digital services there is a requirement for a person to prove their identity and for the ultimate beneficial owner of an organisation to be identified through a formal 'Know Your Customer' and 'Know Your Business' or KYC / KYB process.

Traditional way

Traditionally, KYC and KYB was a manual cumbersome task but KYCexpert provides a friction-less approach to on-boarding new businesses and clients using our groundbreaking technology and streamlined approach to ensure that the same level of detail is provided but with greater efficiency and with a higher level of assurance.

KYCexpert is a world class service for KYC & KYB customer on-boarding including:
Beneficial ownership identification
Document capture
Identity verification and proofing
State-of-the-art background checking
Sedicii’s enhanced technology detects liveness, photo-shopped images, false video streams and relative placement of features to ensure that the person whose document has been submitted is physically present. We ensure that during live verification a cropped image or cropped video fails verification.

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