The Kriptan Identity Network

Sedicii has built a solution that enables a citizen to verify one or several aspects of their identity against one or several identity providers ( IdPs). IdPs can be either authoritative or corroborative. Authoritative IdPs constitute data sources where identity information originates.

Every set of identity attributes has one or more authoritative sources. Corroborative IdPs constitute data sources which obtain identity information either from another corroborative source, or from an authoritative source. Corroborative sources rely on other sources of information and therefore provide a lower level of assurance (LoA) than authoritative sources, which solely rely on themselves.

As an example, the authoritative source for passport information is a passport office, since it is the place where passport information is created.
Preserves privacy and adheres to the data minimisation principle
Minimises the risk associated to synthetic identities and identity theft
Provides a high level of assurance by operating with authoritative sources of information in real time
Can operate across multiple jurisdictions (federated)
Complies with regulations, including GDPR and AML
This product requires government and industry collaboration. If it's not available, we have a variant of this product that supports proof of liveness, uses passive security checks, runs background checks, supports manual review process, auditing process, facial recognition, risk rules and supports over 150 countries worldwide.