18 Jun 2020 - Sedicii makes The Financial NewTech Watchlist for 2020

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The Sedicii team is delighted to have been selected by a panel of Capgemini and Efma experts and make The Financial NewTech Watchlist Efma-Capgemini Financial NewTech 2020 Watchlist. The Watchlist consists of 100 Financial New Techs providing B2B solutions for financial institutions worldwide.

Financial NewTech Watchlist

The Financial NewTech 2020 Watchlist was unveiled on May 28 during the Financial NewTech Challenge 2020 online ceremony. Hosted on the FinTechVisor portal, this challenge aimed to recognize the most innovative financial NewTechs and identify the most inspiring collaborative projects between NewTechs and financial institutions.

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Financial NewTech Watchlist

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