12 Nov 2020 - Sedicii opens API connection to Her Majesty's Passport Office for UK Document Checking Service scheme

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Sedicii is pioneering a shift from verifying documents to real time data verification from authoritative sources. This real time access to verification is a major leap forward in the battle against Synthetic Identity Fraud and Money Laundering and terrorist financing.

Sedicii are delighted to be the first named participant in The Document Checking Service (DCS) pilot which enables organisations to digitally verify whether British passports are valid by connecting directly to Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO).

Sedicii are delighted to open beta access to our API enabling organisations who wish to onboard customers in Financial Services. This service is intended to support electronic checks of British passports in private sector organisations, giving people easier and safer access to services requiring identity checks such as mortgage applications, financial services and recruitment. This can be delivered as a standalone check or as part of our complete KYC offering.


To check if a passport is valid, customers will need to provide:

  • passport number
  • forenames
  • surname
  • date of birth
  • passport expiry date

Sedicii performs the document check with HMPO and will inform your organisation if the passport is valid by sending it a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. A‘yes’ response confirms the passport is valid at the point in time it is checked. A passport that has been cancelled or reported as lost or stolen will return a ‘no’ response, but the check will not show what caused this response.

Demand for access through Sedicii has been significant and we are delighted to welcome Financial Services organisations to proceed.

UK government claims its proposals for digital identity could add 3% tothe UK’s GDP by 2030.

In July 2019, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), working with the Cabinet Office, launched a call for evidence around interest and views on a novel scheme tomake it easier for people toprove their identity online in asecure manner.

Cabinet Office Minister, Julia Lopez launched the Pilot on August 11th, 2020 and said:

"The DCS pilot provides an opportunity to establish how the Government and private sector might work together for the convenience of the citizens we serve. It will help us learn how we can help citizens and businesses access online services by verifying a person’s identity more safely and easily, unlocking the huge potential of technology to improve oureveryday lives."

Digital Infrastructure Minister Matt Warman said:

"The UK has a thriving digital economy and we are committed to making it easier for people to prove their identity online without compromising personal information and for businesses to conduct checks in a safe and secure way.This pilot is a significant step forward in our work and will help speed up access to financial services and make sure more people can benefit from the huge potential of technology."